Features of artilheiroPro

make your free signup

The first thing you should do is carry your registration in artilheiroPro. On the login page, enter your basic information: name, email, location, country (state and city, if Brazil) and password. After that, you now will be directed to the main page of artilheiroPro.

add your soccer games

When registering a new soccer game, the goalscorer should inform the name, place, type (sand, field, indoor soccer, etc.) and the state and the city, if your registration is Brazil. The goalscorer who make the register of soccer game will be automatically moderator her. He will be responsible for accept / deny requests to join the other goalscorers in the soccer game (be charitable, accepted the weak goalscorers also). When registering a new game scorer, the moderator may also invite other goalscorers.

search other soccer games

The goalscorers can search soccer games wishing to join. To do so they must give the name or place of soccer game. After listing, the goalscorer can ask the moderator's participation in that soccer game. We are sure that you will be accepted!!

add your goals

We reached the main function of artilheiroPro: the goalscorer can add their goals in soccer game (not worth lying!). Upon registration it should select the soccer game, the date, the opponent, the number of goals and friends who participated in the soccer game. If wanted, you can also inform the link to the video of goals! For sure you always do more than one goal per soccer game, right?

share your goals in social networks

The goalscorer can (and should) share their goals on Facebook and Twitter. To do this, after you register, you must click in the link of Facebook or Twitter. To perform this action you need to be logged into Facebook or Twitter.

monitor your ranking

The goalscorers can monitor their performance and their goals through rankings and statistics. These rankings can be viewed by soccer game, per game, or even through the overall ranking. Even better, if your ranking was above average, you can also post on Facebook and Twitter.

disclose to your friends

And then goalscorer, like the functions of artilheiroPro? So register now, enter your goals and publish in social networks. And of course, do not forget to call your friends to join also the artilheiroPro!